Curso impartido por el profesor nativo Jerry Kerlin.

What's the Readers and Chatters all about?

  • We're a group of people who enjoy practising our English together wiyh a native English Speaker. It's very informal.
  • We've been meeting for over six years
  • We discuss many topics chosen by the group: Books, painting, poetry and music, to mention a few.
  • We're a group with a difference.

              "It's more like a social gathering than a book club", commented one of our members.

If you have level C1 or above or, you are a teacher who needs to use English daily, 

“This is the group for you” 

Don't be shy…. Give it a try"

Our first meeting will tale the form of a general discussion, to discuss the year's activities.

Dirigido a

Personas que quieran practicar el Inglés hablado, a partir de Nivel B2.


8 sesiones, una al mes
Objetivos de desarrollo sostenible Garantizar una educación inclusiva, equitativa y de calidad y promover oportunidades de aprendizaje durante toda la vida para todos Fomentar el crecimiento económico sostenido, inclusivo y sostenible, el empleo pleno y productivo, y el trabajo decente para todos

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